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CTE table tent PDF

You can download this table tent for the 45SP and 60SP for CTE here. Be sure you print at 100% scale. You can check with a ruler that the 45SP is exactly 1/2 inch from CBE side. Enjoy!

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Center Pocket Music: angled face and stepping the cueball

I’d like to bring a discussion to the nuts and bolts. Stan finally unraveled the description that brings everything together. The system steps are now 100% clear and concise. I’d like to highlight the two main pieces that are new … Continue reading

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right-handers danger zone

This is a post I made at azb, I’ll link it here.

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Finding the quarter

Many pool playing systems, namely aiming systems, use different segments of a ball for alignments such as edges, centers and quarters. The edges are pretty easy to obtain, as is the center. The quarters however, are not quite as obvious. … Continue reading

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CTE: dissecting the pivot

It has been a while since I made a post. Two young kids, busy work, life happens. I’ll try to do better 🙂 Meanwhile, Stan Shuffett continues to refine and discover new things about CTE, and I’m pretty excited to … Continue reading

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A common question that comes up regarding CTE aiming: is feel (conscious adjustment) involved? This can be problematic, as there are multiple contexts to this question. So first lets back up and talk about aiming in general.

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CTE PRO ONE blind pockets

Here is a short video of me shooting (manual) CTE PRO ONE with blind pockets. By far the biggest trouble I had was determining the aim lines and pivot to use. This got easier pretty quickly. The execution itself is … Continue reading

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Safe shot with jump cue

When shooting a very short safety shot, it can be helpful to use your jump cue for the shot.

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Playing off-handed

Shooting with your opposite hand may feel extremely clumsy, and you might think it would take too much effort to become proficient with it. Actually, our brain is pretty capable of switching things over. All your opposite hand needs is … Continue reading

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CTE PRO ONE: Footwork

Stan recently posted a video regarding sweep support. One part of the video covers footwork for CTE PRO ONE, and I think this is hugely beneficial information. Here is what I learned from it.

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