CTE PRO ONE: Footwork

Stan recently posted a video regarding sweep support. One part of the video covers footwork for CTE PRO ONE, and I think this is hugely beneficial information. Here is what I learned from it.

As Stan always states, CTE PRO ONE is a system where the eyes lead and the body follows. So long as your eyes are in the correct position, your body follows your eyes into the shot, and your feet find a comfortable place on their own. The footwork is not something that was stressed on the DVD, however I think the points in the video are very good ones, they get you going down the right path.

While standing upright, Stan stands in a normal stance with feet somewhat together in a comfortable position. The point here is that he is not trying to stand with the feet apart by any means, or trying to anticipate how the feet will end up after moving down into the shot. So something around shoulder width or closer is good, whatever is comfortable.

Next he outlines two different movements for left and right sweeps.

With a right sweep the right foot moves to the right a small distance, and the left foot moves to the left a ways to widen out the shot stance. As a right hander, rotating the eyes to the right of the CCB line does not take much since the eyes are already very near that line. So just think right sweep, right foot. Move the right foot over just a little first, and bring the left foot to a comfortable wide stance.

With a left sweep the left foot widens out first, then the right foot moves back a small distance. As a right hander, this helps the shoulders/body rotate into the shot and get the eyes left of the CCB line. So think left sweep, left foot. Move the left foot out to a comfortable stance first, move the right foot back a small distance.

It should be noted that everything stated above is opposite for a left-hander.

If you follow the above generally, it will help you make optimal foot patterns for CTE PRO ONE. Of course there will be shots when adjustments will have to be made, such as leaning over the table and whatnot. However if the general foot patterns become automatic, this should strengthen your overall success with the system.

CTE PRO ONE is a product of Stan Shuffett and Just Cue It productions.

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