CTE: Is the pocket necessary?

Looking through the AZB forums I find people making statements like “With CTE aiming the pocket is not necessary. You just look at the cue ball and object ball.” Even Hal himself made some zany comments like this. Of course, this ruffles the feathers of analytical minds. So, let me clear that up a bit.

With CTE, you use the cue ball, object ball, and pocket to identify your shot selection. That is, the reference lines and pivot you will use on the shot. Upon actual shot execution, the pocket is not necessary to see. This is one of the many virtues of CTE: when you have a shot where the pocket is out of your peripheral vision, this does not add difficulty to the shot since you only need to look at the cue ball and object ball.

The angle of the shot, the distance between the cue ball and object ball, the distance to the pocket, all these things take part in the shot selection and execution. Through experience you will quickly determine the shot and execute with perfection.

So there you have it. Yes the pocket is important, but only for determining the shot. Upon shot execution, you only look at the cue ball and object ball.

[edit] After you find your visuals, you really only need to focus on the cue ball to make the shot. But it is a good idea to have the object ball in your peripheral vision.

[edit] here is Stan shooting shots with the pocket blocked.

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