CTE: The banks are money

After getting the hang of CTE, I began to wonder if the pivot aiming itself wasn’t really what was pocketing balls. Maybe the whole pre-shot routine that is CTE just helps me get in line with the shot, and the pivot helps me understand where the aim line falls, and thus I was subconsciously lining up the pivot to the aim line, and not the other way around (the pivot taking me there.)

Well, all this unfolded when I started using CTE on bank shots. Especially long banks, wide cross-corner banks, and wide cross-side banks. On these shots, I am completely trusting the system that is CTE. There is no aim line that I’m subconsciously using, I am dependent on CTE and the pivoting to get me to the pocket. It works like black magic. Granted, it does take a bit of practice to shoot banks with CTE. I like to shoot firm, and this requires some pretty good english to counteract the shortening of the angle off the rail. With a consistent firm speed I am reducing variables such as spin and throw. Once you get the hang of it, banks just keep falling in. This builds on itself: you gain confidence on the shots, your consistency improves and the pressure lets off.

I am 100% confident that the pivoting in CTE takes me to the center of the pocket, and not the other way around. Once you get the correctness of the pivot down and consistent, it works like magic. I am more confident with shot making than ever before. For information on the pivot and how to do this correctly, see Spidey’s blog post about that.

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