Shooting over a ball

Tip #1:

Many players jack up the cue stick too far when shooting over a ball. This is because they want to hit the ball with the center of the tip, or as close to center as possible. Don’t do this. Instead, strike the upper part of cue ball with just the lower edge of the tip. Chalk up and give it a smooth stroke. This will enable you to keep the cue more level on the shot, and drastically increase your chances of making the shot.

Tip #2:

Sometimes you have to jack up on a shot, such as when drawing a cue ball froze to the rail. Typically you look at the object ball when it comes time to execute the shot. However when jacked up on a shot, you want to look at the cue ball when executing the shot. The reason is simple: it is critical that you hit the cue ball dead center. Once you have your aim lined up, look at the cue ball and execute the shot.

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