CTE: Perception is Everything

For the purpose of this article, when we say CTE we are referring to CTE PRO ONE.

Center-To-Edge aiming, probably the most controversial thing to hit pool in our lifetime. We can demonstrate it, we can teach it, but we can’t seem to diagram it. Why is that? Isn’t everything in pool explainable with math, geometry and physics? Most would agree with that statement. However, there is a fundamental part of this equation that we tend to take for granted: visual perception. Continue reading

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CTE PRO ONE: The Nuts and Bolts

I’ve been working with Center-To-Edge aiming for almost 2 years now. Looking back on the journey, I will say that it does not come without effort. Along the way I have made my notes and I’d like to reflect what I have learned, in hopes that I can help others taking this same journey. Maybe I can open some doors and clear up some conceptions that I struggled with.

I am going to make the assumption that you already have a reasonably straight and consistent stroke. If you don’t have this, you will struggle with everything regardless of the aiming system. If you need to, find an instructor and get that part of your game worked out first. You should at least be able to setup long straight-in shots and make them consistently. Continue reading

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8-Ball: Side Pocket Balls

I’m sure you’ve heard the importance of getting the cue ball to center table before. This makes sense: you have the most options from this position. The same can be applied to balls near the center table, and I’d like to specifically mention balls very near the side pocket. Continue reading

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The truth about aiming systems

Aiming systems, regardless of which one you use, are about creating a consistent repeatable pre-shot routine. You have to back up any aiming system with solid fundamentals, that is a given. The greatest of players (those that have already HAMB and are very comfortable with their ball pocketing) may have no use for a system to change what they already do very well. Continue reading

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Aiming Fundamentals

I’ll call this fundamentals as opposed to an aiming “system”, as it is more about what to do after finding the aim line. Continue reading

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8-ball: cluster break with strong safety

Breaking clusters in 8-ball is an important part of winning, and there is more than one way to do it. One way is to simply the run the cue ball into them and continue your run. Another way is to break them up by playing safe. Look at the following example: Continue reading

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8 ball: play smart to win

So you are a solid shot maker in your own right, maybe one of the best in your league. But one thing plagues you: your 8-ball wins are just not up to par. Why can’t you win more of your games with such good shooting skills? Continue reading

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8 ball tip: insurance balls

8-ball, you are solids. What do you do? Continue reading

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Controlling whitey: hit it low!

If you pay close attention to the top players, you will notice that many use draw on a large percentage of their shots, even shots that don’t call for any draw, or even follow. Why is that? There are couple of factors at play here: addressing the cueball low (aim) and striking the cueball low (control.) Continue reading

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Eye Dominance

You visualize the shot. You step in and line it up. It looks right, but when you pull the trigger it misses. What happened?

Ever have that problem? I did until I learned about eye dominance. Everyone has a dominant eye. If you don’t get that eye over the shot, an illusion happens and shots are missed. Continue reading

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